A World of Learning Awaits

  • Enhance students’ learning experience with cutting-edge interactive reading features
  • Cement learning with a variety of media: text, images, audios, videos, songs, etc.
  • Use built-in discussion prompts to check reading comprehension and critical thinking
  • Engage students offline with printables, coloring books, puzzles, and activity sheets
  • Access multilingual books in Spanish, French, Dutch, Mandarin and Swahili and more
  • Upload your own materials for students to use interactively in the App

Socio-emotional Learning and STEAM

  • Our one-of-kind book catalog addresses socio-emotional learning topics, including anti-bullying, physical, mental and emotional resilience, courage, self-confidence, self-worth, concentration, friendship, kindness, empathy and perspective taking, honesty, courtesy and respect, love, justice, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, humility, drive and determination, perseverance, personal initiative and responsibility, and trauma
  • Help students practice their social skills through collaborative literacy activities and experiential learning in or outside the classroom by using custom-made interactive learning features (long distance reading and drawing, video and audio calls, chat, interactive whiteboard, etc.)
  • Encourage students to create art with book annotation, free drawing and painting

Cultural Competency

  • Help students develop cultural competency with books featuring cultures from around the globe, religions, and more
  • Access books that celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Our international author network covers all four corners of the globe

Special Needs

  • Access books discussing learning disabilities, anti-bullying, kindness, self-worth, and other relevant topics
  • Enhance reading with the dyslexia-friendly font
  • Enhance reading with the text magnifier
  • Enhance reading with the black and white color filter
  • Use text translator to access the website in different languages

Community Engagement

  • Engage with award-winning children’s authors from any corner of the globe right in your classroom
  • Host in-person or virtual school visits
  • Take advantage of special bulk purchase discounts on books


Manage Classes

  • Upload class rosters
  • Create class and student profiles
  • Upload class materials for students to use with our interactive technology
  • Control student access (what, when and how long), and generate and view activity reports
  • Purchase paperback or hardcover print copies for your classroom at a reduced price


For questions or suggestions, please reach out and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

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