The Importance of Cultural Diversity- A Tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month

10/02/2019 12:00 AM

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It’s no secret that diversity is important for a well rounded, progressive society, but it's crucial for these ideals to be taught at a young age. For some, it might be confusing to understand why it's so important to honor the traditions, and history of others; a common thought is that if we want equality, we should think of everyone as the same. Thinking back to my own childhood, I never focused on the cultural differences of those around me; everyone was one in the same in my young eyes, but following this notion prevented me from seeing outside of my own perspective of life. I even ended up neglecting my own customs trying to pigeon hold everyone (including myself) to one standard of life. Of course everyone should be treated equally, but if we ignore these cultural differences, valuable parts of people's identities are taken away. We should celebrate everyone's different backgrounds because our differences are what brings us together as a society, and help us to grow and learn about the world around us. Especially as a child, it's easy to think anything different from your own practices is weird, which can result in bullying and isolation. But by focusing on diversity, it teaches children that different is not the equivalent to bad, and that one way of doing something isn’t necessarily better than another. This article specifically pays tribute to the significance of Hispanic Heritage month.

September 15th to October 15th are the days that encompass Hispanic Heritage Month [2]. This tradition started in 1968, to celebrate the independence of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicarauga, and Honduras specifically, but several other Latin American countries participate in the tribute as well. During this time, festivals are held all across the nation, honoring Hispanic heritage, distinguished people of Hispanic background, and their contributions to improving life. Hispanic is defined as people that come from Spanish speaking countries, however this month is also referred to as Latinx heritage month, to be more inclusive to those who don’t come from Spanish speaking countries, but are still of Latin American descent. Hispanic culture has an enormous influence all over the world! Fashion, religion, sports, music, art, and food are just a few examples of areas where you can see the influence of Hispanic cultures around the globe.

In order to make sure this month isn’t just swept under the rug, or any other cultural celebrations, take the time to sit with your child and talk to them about the importance of celebrating cultural diversity. Read a book that focuses on diversity, make an art project in honor of Hispanic heritage, or even help them to make traditional dish. You can also take this time to encourage your child to look into their own background! Remember, diversity is the key to inclusion.

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