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06/08/2019 12:00 AM

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Sarah Hays is an educator from the Texas area in the United States. She has two young daughters: Breanna and Allyson. The children were Sarah’s personal inspiration for her first published book “Not Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson.” The story uses the real life events of Breanna and Allyson to show how the special bond of being a sibling can also come along with challenges, especially while being a big sister. Sarah wanted to display the struggles of having an age gap between children such as the one between her daughters, as Breanna was 10 and Allyson was just 4. Sarah has always enjoyed writing stories throughout her life. She chose children’s literature because she has always loved to read stories to her children and students. With this book, Sarah hopes to help parents instill a love of reading in their children and allow them to develop their vocabulary. Check out Sarah’s work and other diverse, value-based books on Red Clover Reader!

Published bookNot Again! The Adventures of Breanna and Allyson

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