Hangout With Children's Author Lieve Snellings

11/08/2019 11:05 AM

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Lieve Snellings is the author of three award winning children's books. She is a professional photographer who, outside of her children’s book series, focuses mostly on documentary and journalistic photography. Though she calls Belgium home, Lieve has spent almost half of each of the past 11 years in Québec. Her time in Canada led to a new passion: photographing North American backyard wildlife.

Lieve has spent countless hours watching and photographing the little (and not so little) creatures that visit her Canadian backyard and nearby parks. Lieve searches out all the information she can find on these amazing creatures to create realistic portrayals of their lives and humorous antics.

Lieve weaves tales of friendship, diversity and even ice hockey with nature photography to create engagingly unique and fun animal tales starring Margot the Groundhog and her North American Squirrel family.

Published books: Groundhog Secrets (English, French, Dutch), Margot gets an unexpected visit (English, French, Dutch), Time for Margot to Go to Bed (English, French, Dutch)

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