Discovering My Way of Learning to Read: books supporting different reading strategies

11/05/2019 02:10 PM

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Have you ever closed your eyes and tried unsuccessfully to understand what someone is saying to you? I have that problem. I’m a visual learner and it helps me to see who is talking to me. Others close their eyes, absorb what they hear and love all they are learning. Another group likes to be moving around when they learn. They need to ‘feel’ the new information. They are kinetic learners. We all have our way of learning and learning to read.


Rianna Facey’s book, I Have Big Dreams: Rianna dreams of competing in the olympics, is bubbling over with action. A young reader could do a somersault and then practice reading about Rianna’s somersaults. Page by page Rianna shows how she is working on her dream. Her story would be a wonderful way to learn to read while moving. Tips for helping kinetic learners how to read.


Malina's Farm Adventure is a very unique book. The text is in a special font created for children who are dyslexic. Malina’s story shares how confusing it can be for children who are dyslexic to learn to read. The author, Keith Fechtman, has written a very fun story about visiting a farm.


Auditory learners and readers love the sounds of the words they are reading. Rhyme is very fun and catchy to read. Jingles the Elephant Saves Christmas by Erik Island has great rhythm and rhyme. It also has fun with the words, ‘jingle, jingle, jingle elephant’ repeated throughout the story. Tips for helping auditory learners learn to read.


Our book, I Don't Know If I Want a Puppy, shares a true story of a young boy who has speech and language delays. Many can’t understand what he says so he hesitant to try something new. He stays back and watches to see what is happening. Ethan shows in his story how much he learns by observing. Tips for helping visual learners learn to read.

Jo Meserve Mach collaborates with two other woman at their publishing company Finding My Way Books to create books sharing true stories of inclusion. They have published 13 books. She worked as an Occupational Therapist for 36 years and is passionate about the voices of children with disabilities being heard in children’s literature.

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Author/Publisher Jo Meserve Mach

Jo spent 36 years working as an Occupational Therapist. As an author, she is very passionate about sharing the stories of children with special needs.