Red Clover Reader's Team Positions


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Startup position you're interesed in (You can select more than one)
On average, a project may take 2-5 hours per week. In exchange, you'll get REAL-WORLD experience working at a socially-oriented Teach Startup to build up your resume. You can also earn 3 hrs technical/business class credits through TEC498 or BADM395. Do you agree?
If interested in joining Red Clover Reader as a full-time Team Member, the co-founders will evaluate your enthusiasm and contribution for/to the venture at the end of the semester to determine how much equity might be awarded (with vested schedule). For instance, we do have a VP of Design and VP of Marketing positions currently available.
How/where did you hear about Red Clover Reader? (Brevity is appreciated)
What are some of the academic & professional skills you would like to develop by graduation ? (Brevity is appreciated)
What academic & professional skills do you have currently that are relevant to that (those) position(s) ? (Brevity is appreciated)