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Fun & interactive

Help your students/patrons develop a love of reading, critical thinking and Social, Emotional skills by using our fun, state of the art interactive reading technology in the classroom, at the library and at home. These fun interactive activities can be teacher led or used for independent or group work. Students/patrons can draw on books and color them on the screen; they can read with a dyslexia-friendly font and apply various accessibility features. They can also have the text read to them.

Easy To Use

Access plug-and-play lesson plans that revolve around specific themes and values, such as diversity and acceptance in society, physical and mental disabilities, girl empowerment, anti-bullying, and STEM. Our talented children’s authors have already done the hard work for you.

Fostering Social, Emotional Learning

Leverage the power of fostering social, emotional learning books in the classroom. Given our platform’s mission to help families, educators and writers revolutionize parenting and education, we take a particular pride in providing a one of its kind book catalog that you can use to teach students/ patrons specific soft/ social skills. Books are available to teach physical and emotional resilience, courage, self-confidence, self-worth, concentration/ focus, friendship, kindness/ generosity, cultural competency, empathy/ perspective taking, honesty, courtesy & respect, love, justice, gratitude, consideration/ compassion, forgiveness, humility, Drive/ determination, perseverance and personal initiative.


> Enhance the learning experience for your students/patrons by employing a variety of media. Most books in our catalog come with audios, videos, songs and a personal video introduction from their authors.

> Keep students/patrons busy offline using printables, coloring books and activity sheets.

> Not sure how to discuss a book with students/patrons? Use suggested discussion questions that our book authors have created themselves. These questions are designed to check for critical thinking.

> Other languages, such as Spanish, French, Dutch, Mandarin and Swahili.

Engaging with the broader community

Would you like to engage with award-winning authors in your classroom from any corner of the globe?

ou can comment on books, host in-person or virtual school visits with children's authors. Our international author network covers North American, Latin America, Europe and Asia. You can also engage with families and other partners on the platform.

And Much More

  • Upload class roster
  • Create classes and student profiles
  • Upload class materials for students to access with our interactive technology
  • Control what, when and how long students do, and access activity reports
  • Purchase paperback or hardcover print copies for your classroom at a reduced price

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